Jasmine was born in Petersburg, VA and she was educated in Petersburg City Schools.  She is mostly self-taught and took advantage of the art program at her Petersburg High School.  Jasmine was accepted to the Art Institute of Washington, DC, but elected instead to start her own business. She is best known for her versatility and use of color practicing, a wide range of figurative and abstract oils and acrylics and high detail, high contrast, airbrush pieces. Jasmine has also illustrated 140 children’s books! “Art to me is the most pure form of expression. Creation of something that was once intangible and bringing it to a physical plane is just the most rewarding feeling imaginable.” With her emphasis on bold colors in different materials and mediums she creates fantasy and whimsy.

Jasmine spends her time teaching Art class at the Petersburg Area Art league, showcasing her paintings, licensing her artwork and creating new artwork and Illustrations from her home studio.